How to Set – up Shopify Shop?

If you want to see progress in your journey in eCommerce entrepreneurship, open a Shopify shop set-up as your first step. No, the first step is having the idea or an inspiration. I am assuming you already know your special value proposition? If you don’t know, Shopify will be your guide at every stage until the process is completed. Getting back to our main topic, I have prepared a few ideas on how to assemble a Shopify shop set-up. The steps include;

Signing up at Shopify

This is the first step in a Shopify shop set-up. A store will be created by Shopify in a minute or less after you sign up. All you need is a name for the shop, the name is supposed to be permanent and unique from all other names in Shopify. Ensure this entry is correctly filled.

Add a product

Online design of the store, price policy and shipment depend on the type of product you will be selling. Therefore, adding a product is the next step in Shopify shop set-up.  You can add in on your computer store back office where you go to products, click add products and fill in the necessary fields. Also add a product image, media, 3d model or a video.

Choose a theme for your Shopify shop

The main function of a theme is to showcase your products and brand in a beautiful and unique way which will make you stand out from the rest of Shopify members. Shopify shop set-up is full of thousands of themes ranging from small themes containing basic features, big with a lot of options and configurations which are pre-made.

Set-up a back office

Choose the appropriate shipping options which include shipping destinations, size and weight of products to ship, carrier rates and packaging of products and remember the profits you get in future will depend on how well you manage these options. You’re also expected to pay taxes as a part of the revenue and lastly add a payment option which you’re comfortable with.

Set up a custom domain

Your Shopify shop set-up is almost completed and ready to open. All you need to do is disable the password protection and start showing, selling and shipping your goods! But you need to insert a domain first. Buy a unique domain from either Shopify or other registrar companies.

Launch your Shopify shop

Remove the page with password by going to online store and click preferences and announce to the world that you are ready to start doing business!


Congratulations! That’s all you need to do to have a Shopify shop set-up. To drive more traffic, add blog posts that explain in detail about your services and products, make an analysis of your traffic, observes your competitors and all these will help in optimizing your store. Good luck!

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