Is it worth it to being a disability lawyer?

Disability lawyers deal with cases on disabled people and their rights. Most of the cases are under Social Security Services. Most of the lawyers get their cases from them. This means that disability lawyers are in Social Security. We will briefly discuss them in this article.  

A lot of people do not know of disability lawyers. But once they hear the word disability they conclude that they deal with cases related to disabled people. Well, this is partly true. A disability is the inability to function as a normal person. Therefore that does not only include the blind or crippled but also bedridden sick people are disabled too. 

Becoming a disability lawyer 

One is required to be a registered lawyer. This involves attending a learning institution to pursue a four-year degree course in law. The institution must be approved by the ministry of education and accredited to offer the course. After pursuing a bachelor’s degree in law, one then moves to law school. Law school takes one year with two semesters and bar exams at the end. After completing the bar exams one is issued with a post-graduate Diploma-in-law. 

A petition to the Chief Justice of Kenya for a recommendation to join the Law Society of Kenya is made. Afterwards, a practising certificate by the Registrar of the High court of Kenya is issued. They now have the freedom to join the social security service to become a disability lawyer. 

What do they do 

Disability lawyers help disabled people claim their Social Security Income benefits.  Other times they help them apply for their Social Security Insurance. The government has funds set aside for disabled people and they are disbursed to them through Social Security. 

The disabled can apply through the website and they are then assigned a lawyer. The lawyer reads through their case. If the need arises for the case to be presented to a court of law, the lawyer will represent his or her client. Most times the benefits are just claimed. 

In the case of where one wants to apply for Social Security insurance, the disability lawyer comes in handy. He or she will go through your files or medical reports and begin the process for you.  

Is it worth it? 

Being a disability lawyer requires one to be passionate and caring. They handle different cases of disability, and this might require patience to handle some of the people. Disability lawyers are paid by Social Security. Social Security gets paid only if they win the claim. The disability lawyer works on the case, and if they win the case, a fee from the claim is paid to them. 


Disability lawyers rarely get big or scandalous cases. They are more advantaged but are not always assured a payment at the end of the case. 

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