Top types of cheese knives

Imagine the perfect cheese board before you. Visiting your local cheesemonger, planning all the pairings, and putting it all together have taken hours and hours. But there’s only one problem. The basic flatware doesn’t do the job, and you can barely use your kitchen knife to cut through dense parmesan or your table knife to glide through a soft, creamy blue gracefully. Luckily, there is a better way to do things. The top types of cheese knives come in a fantastic array of styles, such as short, long, pointed, and rounded.

Soft Cheese Knife

Among the top types of cheese knives is the soft cheese knife. It is ideal for slicing fresh mozzarella or gorgonzola. Soft cheeses naturally stick to your equipment. Therefore, soft cheese knives are designed to reduce surface area. These knives are ideal for cutting cheese & can be found at any kitchen supply store. With this equipment, the days of scraping cheese off a knife with a second knife are over.

Offset cheese knife

This cheese knife ranks among the top types of cheese knives to buy. Offset cheese knives may easily cut through firm cheeses like alpine-style with a stainless steel blade, double polypropylene handle, and a dishwasher. The polypropylene handle allows better control, support, and crisp cuts. The other features offer maximum durability and safe cleanup to the product.

Pronged cheese knife

The pronged cheese knife or forked-tipped spear is a cheese lover’s dream. The sharp edge and prolonged end help it cut cheese and pick it up with the prongs for serving or plating. Soft cheeses don’t stick to the tiny blade’s surface. If you are looking for top types of cheese knives or want to serve or stare at your favorite cheese, the multi-purpose pronged cheese knife tip is for you.

Cheese spreaders 

 When it comes to some cheeses, spreading is preferable over slicing, so keep a cheese spreader available. Cream cheese on a bagel just got easier with these top types of cheese knives. Once you’ve tried it, there’s no turning back. Spatula blades are designed to bend slightly under pressure, giving you more control over how much cheese gets spread around. It’s ideal for cutting cheeses such as robiola, stracchino, and cream cheese. A spatula knife is a must-have for every cheeseboard.

Parmesan Knife

These Italian-made top types of cheese knives are known as a “tagliagrana.” But whatever you call them, the parmesan knife is the best tool for slicing parmesan, castelmagno, and grana padano, which are firm, granular cheeses with a distinctive flavor. Even the most pungent cheeses are easily sliced with a pointed edge. Additionally, parmesan knives feature a serrated edge for cutting open rinds. The bell cheese knife, which has an arrowhead-shaped blade, and the compact cheese knife, which has a blade shaped like a shark tooth, are types of parmesan knives available in this market. But when it comes to slicing cheese, either style will do the job.

In conclusion, cheese slicing and dicing is a breeze when you have the correct equipment. Having a couple of cheese knives on hand will make your life easier in the kitchen, even if you don’t use them all the time. These blades can handle both soft and complex kinds of cheese. This cheeseboard buying guide will help you find the perfect cheese board to go with your new cheese knives. Get your favorite top types of cheese knives and see how they work.

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